Saturday, January 10, 2009

God's Favorite Plane Crashes


To believe that gods are monitoring human affairs means the following. You have to believe that a god gathers 165 individuals he wants to have die in a certain plane crash, presumably because they are sinners or something of the sort (including the infants and the children) and matches them with a pilot, copilot, and flight attendants he wants to have die for their sins, and sends them aloft together to burn in a fiery crash, making their death as painful as possible. At the same time he makes sure that the Detroit Lions lose all their games (for some obscure reason) and that dysentery, malaria, and drought bring tens of millions of Africans (who, presumably, deserve the pain) down to their knees. Do you really think that there are gods minding these matters, making decisions about who should live and who should die, and figuring out how to make those deaths as painful as possible?

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Melissa LaFavers said...

See, I was going to jokingly take you to task for picking on Detroit, but then my husband informed me that they are the only team in NFL history that lost every single game in one season.

: )


Patti said...

Not only that, but most of those sinners will spend forever being tortured for things they did in a very short life...

It's a twofer!!