Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Atheism as a Non-Prophet Organization


A charmingly apt anonymous saying: “Atheism is a non-prophet organization.” Therefore each atheist must make his or her own way. The very essence of making personal meaning is nominating yourself as the hero of your own story and making your own way in life, listening for echoes in the observations of others but never following in another person’s footsteps. Your circumstances are unique; your causes are yours to choose; one day you can play, one day you can be serious, one day you can rest, one day you can exhaust yourself. Make your own way: even the slightest pull to follow opens the door to mischief.

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1 comment:

Melissa LaFavers said...

This is a great philosophy, Eric. I need to remind myself of it often. I think the reason most people feel like they need religion is that it gives them someone to follow so they don't have to figure it out for themselves.

Me? I like being my own heroine. : )