Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some Early Endorsements of The Atheist's Way

"I find Eric Maisel's writings more witty than Hitchens, more polished and articulate than Harris, and more informative and entertaining than Dawkins. A 5-star read from cover to cover! My only complaint is that Maisel is going to leave the rest of us atheist authors in the dust."

-- David Mills, Atheist Universe


"Eric Maisel has given us a lovely, thoughtful book about belief outside of the narrow confines of organized religion. The Atheist's Way offers an uplifting positive answer for anyone interested in how to live life without gods, superstitions or fairytales. For atheists it is a must read; believers should read it as well, so that we can get beyond the divisiveness of belief versus non-belief."

-- Nica Lalli, Nothing: Something to Believe In


"With this book, Eric Maisel does what none of the New Atheists have succeeded at doing: elaborating what atheists do believe. Maisel invites religious believers to live life as an atheist would, opening their eyes to worlds a religious outlook cannot see. For people who can't even imagine a Godless outlook, I would gladly hand them this book and say, 'Read this and you'll know what goes through my mind every day.' This is a guidebook for brand-new atheists and for anyone wanting to learn how an atheist thinks."

-- Hemant Mehta, I Sold My Soul on eBay


In The Atheist's Way, Eric Maisel takes a giant leap beyond where the New Atheist authors have gone before. Instead of simply criticizing religion or demolishing arguments for the existence of God, Maisel covers new territory and provides a foundation for making meaning and living purposefully without supernatural intervention. A book to be relished by atheists, skeptics, humanists, freethinkers, and unbelievers everywhere.

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